6 Reasons to Softwash Your Property Instead of Pressure Washing

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If you’re looking into ways to clean the exterior surfaces around your home or business, you might believe that pressure washing is the only option available. However, our team at Cityview Services wants you to know that this is absolutely not the case! There’s an innovative alternative available for customers these days: SoftWashing.

6 Reasons to Softwash Your Property Instead of Pressure Washing

Our team is proud to offer SoftWash services to our customers, and we wanted to take a moment to go over just a few of the reasons why you should consider choosing SoftWashing.

  1. Less Pressure – Softwash equipment uses water pressure at a rate of about 60 pounds per square inch (PSI), which is comparable to the pressure from an average garden hose. For comparison, pressure washing equipment can reach upwards of 3,000 PSI. It’s no wonder SoftWashing is preferred for delicate surfaces like roofing, siding, and windows.
  2. Biodegradable Cleaning Detergents– Softwashing gets its cleaning power from a specially formulated blend of biodegradable, water-based detergents. This means your property can get a clean exterior without worrying that you’re putting harmful chemicals into the surrounding environment.
  3. Water-Conscious– Speaking of being environmentally friendly, the SoftWash method uses a fraction of the water required for pressure washing. With SoftWashing, you won’t be left footing the bill for a water-wasting service.
  4. Damage-Free Cleaning– The combination of low PSI and powerful cleaners means that SoftWashing is virtually damage-free. The detergent sits on the surface for a few minutes to dissolve the grime, and then we gently rinse everything away.
  5. Surface Sanitization– Our detergents are formulated to target harmful microorganisms like mold, algae, and bacteria, killing them off and sanitizing the surfaces they were growing on.
  6. Long-Lasting Results– Thanks to the sanitizing effects of SoftWashing, you can enjoy clean surfaces for four to six times longer than you would if you chose pressure washing. The detergents help prevent regrowth of contaminants like mildew, mold, algae, bacteria, and more.

If you’re ready to learn more about the SoftWash advantage or want to schedule a service with our team, contact our team today!