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There are several scenarios in which SoftWashing services are preferred over pressure washing.

One of the most common questions we get from our residential and commercial customers in the Fort Smith, Arkansas area is why SoftWashing services are the best solution for a variety of exterior cleaning scenarios. While there are many reasons why the SoftWash technique is preferred over pressure washing for certain jobs, here the most compelling reasons:

SoftWashing Services in Fort Smith, Arkansas

  • Softwashing services are non-erosive- Pressure washing can be harsh enough to strip away materials that were loosened over time, whereas the SoftWash method removes just the grime.
  • Softwashing services aren’t likely to cause damage- Pressure washing done by an inexperienced person can actually damage the surface. Our team is SoftWash Certified, so you can be confident we will never damage your home or business.
  • Softwashing services last longer- Other types of cleaning remove only the outer layer of the biomass on the surface, leaving it susceptible to new infestation right away, whereas SoftWashing actually treats the infestation so your building stays clean longer.
  • Softwashing services are eco-friendly- An hour of SoftWashing uses roughly 60 gallons of a biodegradable, eco-friendly cleaning solution, which includes only 40 gallons of water. By comparison, pressure washing uses anywhere from 180 to 480 gallons of water per hour.

Our SoftWashing services at Cityview Services are ideal for a variety of surfaces, including stucco, concrete, siding, windows, all roof types, pool decks, bricks, stone, wood decks, fences, gutters, and more. Reach out today to schedule a free estimate and to learn more about how effective and long-lasting SoftWashing is.

At Cityview Services, we offer SoftWashing services in Fort Smith, Mulberry, Van Buren, Bentonville, Springdale, Rogers, Fayetteville, Barling, Greenwood, Charleston, Prairie Grove, Siloam Springs, Gentry, Eureka Springs, Huntsville, Greenland, Johnson, Lowell, Bella Vista, Centerton, Tontitown, and Elm Springs, Arkansas, as well as Spiro, Panama, Westville, and Poteau, Oklahoma.